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7% spend misses 21% time

LC-A+ Is...Image by 摩根 via FlickrI should have posted about this earlier.  At the CUTEC conference a couple of months ago we were given these facts and told to build a business to address them.  Advertising spend in the USA is 7% on the Internet but people are spending 21% of their time on the web.  So the advertisers need a product to encourage them to move to the web.  But it does explain why so many people are now talking about buying on line – that is where they spend their time.  And when you have clicked, clicked and the product arrives virtually by return, you keep clicking.  Particularly with lower cost items as you save on time and save on fuel costs.  Groceries is my top example but I try to avoid the adverts to minimise the impulse buys!

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94,988,523 downloads on YouTube for Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

Avril Lavigne having a concert in GenevaImage via WikipediaThe rest of us struggle to get a few hundred page viewings and yet Avril Lavigne heads the field on YouTube with nearly 100million viewings of her video Girlfriend.  Sadly the message “Embedding disabled by request” is on the site so you will have to click on search to watch the show.  A catchy tune but I must be a little over the hill to miss the signs of video greatness.  Now to produce another video for Equity Fingerprint, the business plan resource, with less content and more fun to attract the punters.   The three Equity Fingerprint videos on YouTube have attracted nearly 800 viewings.  The business market is a lot smaller than the pop market but I need to find a “John Cleese” effect to bring in the punters.

Another profile on the start-up of YouTube bySteve Chen and Chad Hurley showing how they produced a site to allow them to put up videos on the web after a geek party.  It also mentions that Chen and Hurley had met working at PayPal so another example of people in a cluster leaving with cash and expertise to start the next generation of companies.  There is no mention of Chad Hurley’s Father-in-law who I think is very successful serial entrepreneur.  But never forget the words of Reid “Glug” Hoffman that successful sites reflect brilliant design.

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NESTA making new waves

The arch pattern.Image via WikipediaNESTA is making a break from the past and there is an excellent video at the FT Enterprise site. The FT site is “old fashioned” and just provides a URL and not an embedded video link as you would find on YouTube. There are other interviews by leading entrepreneurs, none from the Cambridge Cluster but all with a good story to tell.

Jonathen Kestenbaum was recruited as CEO of NESTA to shake it all up and get away from funding small start-ups which were not innovative. Now it is about funding larger deals where the NESTA funds make a difference. Kestenbaum sold the family silver (well, the family firm) so he has experience in building and selling a business and the inclination to make a difference.

NESTA are funding a research project with Equity Fingerprint to see if equity funding does make a difference.

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