Travel Republic sells out for approaching £100million

Founded by three university friends from the University of East Anglia, Travel Republic has ridden the wave of the move away from traditional package holidays to “dynamic” packaging – where customers assemble their own trips – on the back of the rise of low-cost airlines.  75% of the company has been bought by Dnata, Emirates’ air service subsidiary.

There is no mention in the article of an option package for staff nor of any of the 200 employees owning any shares.  They may receive some comfort from the assurance that there will be  “zero redundancies”.  Not quite the same as sharing in the value they have created.

What a joy it is to be part of the Cambridge Cluster where share options are common and share in the winnings. Pity that they founders did not use a business plan resource such as Equity Fingerprint.

Hat tip:  The Times 4 January 2012, page 31