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Uccello gets the bird

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Walking along the Kennet & Avon canal, I met the friendly Mr and Mrs Bird, owners of Uccello.  Apparently they had first wanted to retire to Italy but decided to travel on the canals of the UK and named their boat, Uccello – Italian for bird.

Whilst Mrs Bird enjoyed a book on the towpath, husband was painting up the foredeck or whatever the bit of boat was called.  They were stuck as the Crofton Engine Steam pump and modern electric back-up were being thwarted in their attempt to fill the top pound because of a leak and none of the boats could use the locks.

So running out of food, they found the postal code for the Crofton Pumping Station from the Royal Mail website.  They ordered provisions from Tesco.com with the warning that they were to be delivered to the narrow boat across the canal.  Important – make sure your mobile phone is working so that you can be alerted that the delivery is on the way and you can stand by the gate.  Easy and yes, Every little helps!

Mr and Mrs Bird need a business plan to make sure the pension stretches but there is no danger of them needing a business plan resource!

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Cronto makes a sale

Thin Air At Over The AirImage by Rija 2.0 via Flickr

I first met Igor and Elena, the Cambridge, UK, based husband and wife team that runs Cronto (simple strong security), a couple of years ago when they first started working on their new encryption service.  It is a very simple idea and relies on people keeping their mobile phones handy.  Apparently they are rarely more that two metres from us!  When you access your bank account, a pattern appears on a screen, which you photograph with your mobile phone.   The Cronto software decodes the pattern and you key in the code; very simple and very secure.

It always amazed me that you could travel and access your bank account without informing the bank that you were away from home.  With Cronto,  you feel your bank account is safe.

Looking at the website, there is no sign of a VC and so I wonder what business plan resource they are using?  As they are based in the University of Cambridge’s William Gates Building, do Cambridge Enterprise have any involvement?

The website is very busy and Grant Dain, internet marketing Cambridge, might suggest that it is simplified with clearer calls to action.

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EF at North West Start-up, Tuesday 24 February 2009

Having discussed and debated Mobile 2.0 12 months ago, this time we will discuss the growth of iPhone, Android and other technologies as platforms for creation of new products and services and their relevance to both consumers and businesses alike.

As we are approaching a new phase of mobile Internet, innovative companies are creating mashups incorporating 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, video and location based services. In this environment, it is crucial to understand the strategic and tactical steps that executives, entrepreneurs and investors should take to ensure that they are not left behind with the mobile Internet revolution. Those who develop strategies to improve customer, supplier, employee and management communications using mobile Internet are bound to gain significant competitive advantage.

Do your product roadmap includes mobile Internet? Does mobile Internet form part of your communications strategy? Want to know more? Then this event is for you.



Tuesday 24 February 200918:00 Registration and networking
18:30 Update on Tech StartUps
19:00 Speeches
19:45 Break
20:00 Panel discussion
20:40 StartUp4Slaughter
21:00 Move to Kro Bar across the road (optional)
  Equity Fingerprint is about equity Distribution from the first Equity Split to the angel and VC rounds. Use this business plan resource to shape your equity road map. Cambridge Cluster is a blog commenting on building global businesses using equity.


5 mins presentation by a tech startup highlighting a specific problem it has. Through rapid Q&A, audience attempts to find answers within 10 mins. Get in touch if you wish to grab this slot.


More speakers and panelists will be added over the coming days and weeks

Katie Lips, Social Media and Mobile Strategist at Kisky Netmedia

Katie Lips is author of “The Amazing iPhone Report”, a Guide to the platform for business owners. Katie will offer an overview of what makes the iPhone platform special and how both iPhone and Android offer supportive environments for developers and entrepreneurs. “New Mobile” is no longer a walled garden, but as developers are fast creating thousands of new apps, the ecosystem (the iPhone App Store at least) is fast becoming a crowded space. How can mobile 2.0 developers make sure their apps stand out? Katie will outline some trending strategies in “new mobile marketing” and share some lessons learnt from Kisky’s recent launch of iPhone application Coffee Buzz.

Dave Verwer, CTO, Shiny Development

Since Apple released the iTunes application store in July last year over 10,000 applications have been released and total application download numbers top 300 million so it is safe to say that the application store has been a success, but what makes a compelling iPhone application? The iPhone offers a fantastic array of hardware and software features but using these features effectively on a 3.5″ mobile phone screen can be a challenge. This session will take a high level look at the features of the phone that application designers have access to and look at some guidelines for making a killer iPhone application.

Notice: By attending this event, you grant permission for publishing photographs and videos taken at the event on public websites. Do contact us if you have any specific issues regarding this statement

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Options are an entrepreneurs best friends

HQ of AMD in Sunnyvale, CA, USA.Image via WikipediaSerial entrepreneur, Steve Ives, is up and running again with taptu.com which is a search engine for mobile phones.  His previous backers, 3i and Sofinnova, stumped up $10million dollars and he has already built a team of thirty people.

In Jenny Chapman’s article in the Cambridge Evening News, Steve Ives gives little away but does say that “everyone involved has share options, so everyone involved has a good chance of making a nice pile of cash”.  At least someone in the Cambrige Cluster has learnt from Silicon Valley.

But like Bill Gates, Steve Ives suffers from paranoia.  “it is a good state of mind to be insecure about your position in the market and to always be looking at ways to improve, and always looking at the adverse scenario”.

Taptu.com is in beta at present.

Steve Ives sold Trigenix to Qualcomm for $40million in 2004, after just four years, so if you want to join the option winnes, get in quick!

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