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Mid Sussex Auctions – good for clothes but competition for laptops

A long day at the South of England Showground attending the monthly general auction run by Mid Sussex Auctions.  With over 1,500 lots it looked like being a very long day with a late finish but fortunately the auctioneer knocks the lots through with little patter – you either buy or miss out – and alos offers buyers the option to buy similar following lots.  Suddenly you have jumped fifty lots so you need to stay awake to catch your number.

This general auction offers a broad range of items mainly from distressed sales and lost property.  Clothes and bedding comes in big bundles but computers and mobile phones are sold individually.  Amazingly there was little interest in SLR cameras but bidding for the Mac Book was fierce.  Someone bought it untested and with no extras such as power supply for over £250.

I had hoped for a bargain with a “lost” laptop but the CEO of Dragoon Solutions chased us all away.  He told me afterwards that they buy all laptops at auction on the south coast.  So better to go direct to Dragoon Solutions and see if they have what you want and they may even offer a guaratee.

One other key point – bring your own chair.  The sofas and chairs can be removed as soon as sold so some unfortunate bidders had to stand for a long time.  Lots of gold and watches for sale but one dealer just took them all.

Another great day watching entrepreneurs at work and wondering what sort of business plan and business plan resource they all used.  Our Dragoon man must have found it worth spending his time bidding rather than enjoying the seaside!

By the way, bring a large van to take all your lots away!

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The Cake Tin bakes the eggs from the farm

Eggs laid by free-range chickens, who found a ...Image via WikipediaThe Cake Tin was “cracked open” from St. Ewe Free Range Eggs by Rebecca Morris starting in their farm kitchen.  The cakes have been so successful that baking has moved to farm buildings converted by husband Andy.

The cakes are supplied to the Catering Trade in Cornwall and South Devon by Doble Quality Foods or you can always go direct but why miss a smile from a Doble Quality Foods driver!

St. Ewe has been producing egss for 25 years and the chickens are free to range during the day with eggs collected twice a day.

So a fascinating story of how one family in the Cornish Cluster is diversifying to keep bring us the best food.  It must all be done with a helpful bank manager.  I wonder if the banks are offering fixed rate loans for ten years at the special rates now available.

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Cornish Cuisine makes a festive treat

Pommes gaufrettes and smoked salmon — “‘FISH &...Image via WikipediaThe last couple of weeks has been one of much drinking and eating, walking and kite flying.  The top of the food chain so to speak must be the tasty smoked salmon supplied by Cornish Cuisine to Doble Quality Foods, suppliers to the catering trade in Cornwall and South Devon.

I tried the half-price smoked salmon from the very helpful staff at Sainsburys but it paled, literally, by comparison to the best from Cornish Cuisine.  The latter was so good that my son and his beau were presented with a pack to return to the big smoke on London.  I just wish I could take some home but a side of salmon is even too much for me to eat even on tasty cob bread from the St Agnes Bakery

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Gothic clothes in St Agnes, Cornwall

Theda Bara's look has inspired some types of G...Image via WikipediaIn 2003, Fayley Alsbury started Dare to sell Dare Gothic clothing, the clothes she always wanted for herself.  She started with a shop but decided to concentrate on promoting sales through her website.  Interestingly she has found that adverts in magazines do not bring in the punters so she spends her time promoting the site on-line.Fayley has produced a very good website and lets hope she can keep growing and growing.  She is certainly leading the way for entrepreneurs in Cornwall.

I wonder if she uses a business plan resource for her company.

With ranges from Omen, Laughing Vampire, Honour, Raven, Swirling Dervish, Limb, Bares/Fashion X, Vollers, Pen and Lolly, Nemesis Now, and Alchemy Gothic.”

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Gigs, sport and shopping

BBC-SPORTS-AWARD-2007Image by pcephotography via FlickrRay Morrissey has gone to more than 5,000 gigs and he is still going at the age of 49 years old.

His website raysgigs.com has had over 145,000 hits and there is lots of feedback at the BBC site on the article.

It is not my cup of tea but I guess it is better than watching the same rugby or football team each week.  The difference being that the people in the band stay the same, most of the time, whilst with sport we are watching a brand.

Ray’s site has masses of detail and is difficult for people with old eyes to read.  Most of the people leavings comments on the BBC site are male.  I guess it must be tribal!  They all appreciate social network sites for keeping them up to date on the latest trends and gigs.

But soon we will be seeing one of the wonderful sights of the year – happy female shoppers with all the lovely bags and the biggest and brightest smiles anywhere.  Much bigger than at any sports match of gig and they are gently glowing!  You need to read Ray’s blog to understand the joy of still jumping down at the front of the stage and getting very hot and excited.

I wonder if there is much difference between the business plan resource used by people who promote gigs and sports matches?

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Not so Candy!

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 26:  Construction vehicles ...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeIn my post on the Candy brothers, I said how clever they were to put in a clause so that when their banking partner went belly-up, they could take over the 50% share for free or thereabouts.  I was a bit off the mark because it looks like the people who fund the Candy brothers have a similar clause and now have taken control of the projects leaving the Candy’s to manage the developments.

Who else but our friends from the Middle East?  Qatari Diar has taken full control of the 12.8 acre Chelsea Barracks site and acquired the duos stake in the separate Grosvenor Waterside development.  So the cold winds from Iceland have met the warm current from the Gulf.  Barclays first, now the Candy Brothers and more to come I guess.

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Think Equity Fingerprint on holiday!

Whilst you are enjoying your break either in your second home, or hotel  or tent, look around at the local businesses and see if you find any clusters of Active Equity Companies.  You will see lots of hotels, B+Bs, shops and camp sites but most will be Passive Equity Companies with fewer than three owners.  If you are in the Hebrides, look out for Hebridean Smokehouse which was bought from a local by Fergus Granville and his business partner, Christopher West.  The do not suction up and put the salmon through automated killing machines but net and dispatch each salmon individually.

Hebridean Smokehouse supply Fortnum & Mason so they must be good (and expensive)!

So mix a bit of business and pleasure and see if you can identify any vibrant groups like the Cambridge Cluster with Equity Fingerprint, the business plan resource, style companies.

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The Glyn Ceiriog Valley – A little bit of Heaven on Earth

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsImage via Wikipedia

‘A little bit of Heaven on Earth’, is how Lloyd George described the Ceiriog Valley. Time has since moved on but it is still a nice place to live or visit, particularly on a beautiful sunny day. These are some of photos from Adrian.

The inspiration for Adrian’s website, www.avalondesigns.co.uk , comes from his love of the countryside and the wish to record the various traditional events, places and scenes.

Adrian take photos and make greetings cards to share the beauty of the countryside with others, by selling cards of local views to post offices and shops. Part of the profit is donated to the RSPCA who do an excellent job promoting and protecting animal welfare with no other financial support apart from the public.

Due to the mass production of greetings cards and photos his niche market is the local one where customers are prepared to pay more for a specialist product. He advertises various tailor made services such as personalised greetings cards, business cards, and portraits.

Adrian chose the word Avalon as he started off making celtic cards and Avalon is supposed to be the mystical home of King Arthur.

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