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Will I be in the Queue for a Cue?

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When Professors Richard Friend and Henning Sirringhaus established(?) the science behind Plastic Logic’s technology and with Stuart Evans spun the company out of Cambridge University in 2000 who would have thought that nine years later they would launch a product into a crowded market.  The Que ebook reader launched yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show is competing in a ferociously competitive market currently dominated by Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader.  Yesterday Samsung joined the party and according to the DT “a host of other companies including Indian start-up Notion Ink, are expected to use the trade fair to launch rival products”.  The main beneficiary of this high growth market is another Cambridge Cluster company, ARM, as most of the devices run on its smartphone chip designs.

The one unique selling point of the Cue is that the Plastic Logic technology does not require a glass screen which is heavy and breakable.  But this does not allow a cheaper price and Apple’s rumoured iSlate is “guaranteed” to have a better comprehensive catalogue and an intuitive interface to browse and download titles from the hyped iStore.

How I hope that the Apple iSlate uses the Plastic Logic screen and an ARM chip with a sticker “Cambridge Cluster Core, trademark (c)” on the front – then the buying decision will be simple.  But will I need my iPhone as well or do I go back to a simple phone and use the iSlate on wi-fi?  I have 3G turned off to save battery power and because I am usually in a wi-fi environment.  Will I need to sleep outside a shop in the Cambridge Cluster to be first in the Queue for a Cue?

It just goes to show that the even using the best business plan resource to work out the funding of Plastic Logic, you need to back an academic who can make the switch to marketing and driving the business forward.  But turning academics into marketing and product people is perhaps asking one person to have a talent too much.

PS Zemanta still has not picked out any pictures of the Cue……..

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Mobile and Internet converge, fast

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I attended a Samsung Technology Event where it was said that the Internet and Mobile are converging even faster than forecast.  By 2010, 400million Internet enabled mobile devices will be shipped.  Around 70% of these will have Cambridge University technology at their heart with an ARM processor.  I wish I had won a Samsung Notebook at the end of the afternoon; they look really good.  I never was interested in the top prize in the draw of a very thin, 42″ LED flat screen with all the goodies – I am not a bad looser!

A blog post A Big Week for the Mobile Web by Fred Wilson supports this with everyone looking forward to the launch of the Droid.  People are moving to wi-fi as the mobile carriers are being overloaded giving slow download rates.  I guess if you do not have an iPhone then you will not appreciate the importance of good wi-fi.

Lots of great business opportunities in the mobile Internet space and you need a good business plan.

PS Met some love ladies this afternoon picking sloes to make sloe gin.  Great crop this year so I am told.

PPS Wish they had wanted the name Yomp for the new phone.  I am sure that I would have done a deal…..  Maybe the next phone in this space!

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Who invented the cordless jug kettle?

It is a question for Trivial Persuit: At which university did the person who invented the cordless jug kettle study?  Not only did he study at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge but he had the sense to patent the invention and made a fortune.  It would be great to have a logo of the Cambridge Cluster on all it’s inventions and products!

Now Dr John Taylor is back in Cambridge to open the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi and to watch Prof Hawkings unviel the astonishing £1million clock Dr Taylor has given to the library.

It is good to see the alumni “giving back”.

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A Baddeley goes to the Olympics

The Gate of HonourImage via WikipediaAndy Baddeley has the same surname and also lived in Cambridge for four years getting a starred first in Engineering from Gonville and Caius College.

He comes from the Wirrall not far from Stafford, the ancestral home of all Baddeleys.

Now he is off to the Olympics to compete in the 1,500m – another excuse to watch the coverage.

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