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The Way to Win!

I found this on the web about the short history of VCCP, an advertising company:

“Chime announced yesterday that it was paying £14.5m in cash and shares for VCCP, the group behind the successful marketing strategy for the O2 mobile phone brand as well as campaigns for Coca-Cola, the financial services group ING Direct and Dyson vacuum cleaners. A further £15.5m will be paid to VCCP depending on future performance. The company’s founding partners – Charles Vallance, Rooney Carruthers, Adrian Coleman and Ian Priest – each own 20 per cent of VCCP, with the remaining fifth held by 19 senior managers.”

So started in 2002 and sold in 2005.  Interesting two of the founders of VCCP had been through the loop before: “VCCP was founded in 2002 by the four partners, who previously worked for other London ad agencies. Chime also owns 51 per cent of the ad agency HHCL, where Mr Coleman and Mr Priest used to work.”

It just goes to show the strength of the advertising cluster in London.  Perhaps the Cambridge Cluster could learn from it.  I wonder what business plan resource the London advertising enterpreneurs use?  They seem to be single round financing deals but with the founders realising the importance of including as many as possible in the equity.

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7% spend misses 21% time

LC-A+ Is...Image by 摩根 via FlickrI should have posted about this earlier.  At the CUTEC conference a couple of months ago we were given these facts and told to build a business to address them.  Advertising spend in the USA is 7% on the Internet but people are spending 21% of their time on the web.  So the advertisers need a product to encourage them to move to the web.  But it does explain why so many people are now talking about buying on line – that is where they spend their time.  And when you have clicked, clicked and the product arrives virtually by return, you keep clicking.  Particularly with lower cost items as you save on time and save on fuel costs.  Groceries is my top example but I try to avoid the adverts to minimise the impulse buys!

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