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There is no “I” in “team”

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It was a privilege to watch two top rugby schools battle it out as part of a community service evening held by Leicester Rugby ClubWellington College v Sedbergh (my old school) featured approx eight U18 internationals from the former and the latter fielded approx six.  It was a tense match with the strongly fancied Wellington just failing to catch up Sedbergh who had had a very strong first half.

Sadly, three minutes from time one of the Sedbergh boys suffered a broken leg.  The doctor used all the latest technology and devices to keep the very brave young lad sedated and give him the best chance of getting back to fitness as soon as possible.

How often in the world of technology have we seen the favourites not take the winnings?  What is the secret of the winning team?  The angel investors can try to be the best possible coaches but, in the end, it is up to the team to win.  Options and incentives are great motivators but the team must gell, everyone for each other, trusting and working for the common goal.  Of course great players are needed but it is all about harnessing the team; lifting the performance of the lesser players so that the whole is greater than the parts.  Even the best game plan or business plan depends on the players making the right call at the right time.

Most entrepreneurs build a team once but great coaches build winning teams season after season.  Two great teams at Leicester, two great teams of coaches.  It was a privilege to see young people give their all on the 11 November 2009.  The young of today may be different from us old folk but the world is in safe hands.

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And I was just worried about shadows

Ever watched a sports match on TV with the sun shining across the stadium so that part is in shadow?  The TV crews must go nuts as they try to keep the picture easy on the eye as the ball and players move in and out of shadows.  It seems such a simple problem to solve but then the TV people solved it by scheduling games under floodlights where the light is mostly uniform across the pitch.

Then I read this excellent post on the technology required to make Super Bowl fun to watch.  Shadows are nothing with all this technology.

Bloggers in action

Here is our little group of MBA students getting started at blogging in the EEDA “Learning Zone” facilities at ARU in Cambridge:-

Cambridge Cluster

A truly international grouping. Expect to see posts here in Taiwanese, Turkish and German

Who am I?

Robert Jones is Programme Leader for the Executive (part-time) MBA at the Ashcroft International Business School of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

My areas of interest in teaching and research are:- SMEs, entrepreneurship and innovation. Some of my students are helping to run this site.

Who I am?

Philip Baddeley, entrepreneur and business angel, devises entrepreneurial training tools such as the Yomp and Equity Fingerprint. The latter has been awarded a research grant by NESTA. The work is being led by Dr Fank Cave of Lancaster University Management School and Prof Bill Fitzgerald of CUED. Philip has a number of angel investments and has just invested in Cambridge Temperature Concepts.

Who I am?

My name is Ibrahim Koeycue. I was born in Germany in 1980. Originally I am from Turkey but I grew up in Germany and went to school there. Now I am a 3rd year student at Angia Ruskin University. I am going to write my dissertation about equity fingerprint. Which I hopefuly will finish end of April.