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Physiotherapist in Ambleside and Windermere for knees.

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We live in a daft world these days with people in the NHS running scared of providing a rounded public service in case they come a cropper.My old knees are grumbling so where better place to take them than the Ambleside surgery.  “Please can you give me the name of a local physiotherapist or sports therapist, I asked”.  The receptionist replied “No can do in case we are seen to be endorsing the therapists”.  I also noticed that the surgery no longer lends wheel-chairs but refers you to Kendal which is miles away.  Strange as last year the surgery was very helpful and lent Yvonne a wheel-chair.  We had the puncture repaired and returned it after a few days.  I guess now that they are terrified of endorsing a wheel-chair.  It is time that people in the NHS stood up to all this nonsense and provided the service we require, especially in a holiday area.

A very nice patient who was leaving the surgery suggested I tried Boots.  None of the staff could help – they did try – but I was saved by a nice customer who said there was an excellent physiotherapist at the Low Wood Hotel leasure complex.

So Janet Smedley, chartered physiotherapist of Ambleside and Windermere, eased my aching joints and I am most grateful.

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