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Physiotherapist in Ambleside and Windermere for knees.

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We live in a daft world these days with people in the NHS running scared of providing a rounded public service in case they come a cropper.My old knees are grumbling so where better place to take them than the Ambleside surgery.  “Please can you give me the name of a local physiotherapist or sports therapist, I asked”.  The receptionist replied “No can do in case we are seen to be endorsing the therapists”.  I also noticed that the surgery no longer lends wheel-chairs but refers you to Kendal which is miles away.  Strange as last year the surgery was very helpful and lent Yvonne a wheel-chair.  We had the puncture repaired and returned it after a few days.  I guess now that they are terrified of endorsing a wheel-chair.  It is time that people in the NHS stood up to all this nonsense and provided the service we require, especially in a holiday area.

A very nice patient who was leaving the surgery suggested I tried Boots.  None of the staff could help – they did try – but I was saved by a nice customer who said there was an excellent physiotherapist at the Low Wood Hotel leasure complex.

So Janet Smedley, chartered physiotherapist of Ambleside and Windermere, eased my aching joints and I am most grateful.

However Grant Dain, internet marketing Cambridge, could certainly help improve her website.  She has a nice image with all her contact details so no wonder Google cannot index her and I struggled to find her.

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Last walk for 2008, lovely ladies and brave, brave men

Patterdale village with Place Fell behindImage via WikipediaWhat better way of finishing the year than a walk with John Morrell, the best walking guide in the Lake District.  With strong winds in the weather forecast on the tops and rain later, John decided on a walk from Patterdale, over Beda Fell (just behind Place Fell) down to Martindale and back along Ullswater to the car.

We started the walk across the valley to the trekking stables where the kids spent a wonderful and very wet day many years ago.  Then it was slowly up to Beda Fell with glorious views over the fells and Hellvelyn.  We expected it to be a quiet day but we came across a number of walkers and some ten rather earnest people taking their Mountain Leadership test.   Lucky them, they were to camp out in the rain and I hope they found a site sheltered from the strengthening winds.  Soon we could see Martindale below with the two churches and one of the oldest yew trees in the country.

I remembered taking a young american girl to Martindale forty years ago and think it was to the older and smaller church.  John and I were looking for a memorial to a local lad lost in the war and a friend of my Father.  We found the beautiful window dedicated to the crew of the H.M.S.Glorious, sunk in Norwegian waters in 1940.  There are brave men and women today fighting for freedom and brave today and so good to remember them amidst all  the news of delinquent city kids today.  The window is described as “The ship lies along the length of the window cleaving the seas, with the stars of heaven above”.

Outside we met a group of young ladies from Flixton Girls’ High School, Urmston, Manchester who were spending a week at Ullswater Outward Bound.  They were very chatty and looking forward to a dry bed after spending a night under canvas – just a pity that they had not visited either church.

On the walk back from Martindale, we saw a lovely cottage to rent and then met another group of Flixton girls coming down from the fells – happy to be away from city life and enjoying the countryside.  They were led by David from Ullswater Outward Bound who had taken them caving at Ingleton the day before.

Then we went for a drink at the Kirkstone Pass Inn but it was closed.  I wonder what sort of business plan resource  the owners use.  The Queen’s Head, Troutbeck, made us very welcome and then it was back to Ambleside to plan walks to keep me fit so I can join John on his one week walk in the Spring.

What a way to end 2008 with lots of fresh if rather damp air, the best of the young and memories of my Father and brave, brave young men.

PS Thanks to Frog in the Fields for the spelling alert – I prefer typo!

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These boots are made for walking, Mr Tyson says!

My first pair of Meindl boots fitted like a glove and I was very happy.  Why did I not keep them?  The second pair were a disaster with the right foot eating into my heal until I could hardly walk.  I took them back to Open Air in Cambridge but even a hot bath softening treatment failed to make them wearable to me.

So up to Ambleside and a visit to F.W.Tyson who have specialised in footware since 1887.  Luckily for me Mr Tyson was available and after sixty one years (soon to be sixty two) he knows the best boots for each customer.  Last year he got me walking again with a light Lowa boot which is great for walking but not so good on keeping out water.  After a long discussion – well, you do not buy boots often so what is the rush – we agreed on a pair of Lowa Military Mountain GTX boots.

The first two walks have gone well and the next may see me on the top of Fairfield.  The boots have a high ankle support which gives me confidence and it is so nice splashing through the streams and not having to worry about wet feet.

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