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Crisp potatoes from Saudia Arabia to Kuala Lumpur and then to China

Potato ChipsImage via WikipediaYou do not expect to learn something surprising at the breakfast table of a Bed & Breakfast, but there is always a business story.  The couple we talk to had met at Southampton University; she from the UK and he from Kuala Lumpur.  Having lived in the UK for many years, they have decided to try KL and he then talked about his business.  There are many different types of potatoes; for example, some good for chipping, some for mashing and some for turning into crisps.  Saudia Arabia produces excellent potatoes for making crisps.  A website has some figures for the 90s showing the large growth in cultivation of potatoes in Saudia Arabia.  There was little production prior to the 80s but intensive methods have resulted in a large crops and now there is sufficient for export.

But the next step is to look for good potatoe growing areas in China.  Rice and potatoes require very different land and so the search is on to start growing potatoes for crisps in China.  It certainly meant we had an interesting breakfast!

Crisp potatoes; Zemanta I want a picture of potatoes please! Thank you.

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Who looks after angels?

Wang Yangming (1472 1529), considered the most influential Confucian thinker since Zhu Xi.Image via WikipediaBill Mann writing in The Motley Fool says that China is the greatest opportunity of our lifetime if you missed the boom in the USA from 1980. He is pushing China after the recent 50% drop in the Shanghai stock market. This is because of the tremendous rate of growth and the free enterprise economy.

However he cautions that China “has an unbelievable entrepreneurial culture, but does not yet have a fully formed culture of protecting minority shareholders.” And we do? Having been trodden into the ground by some founders, options intended for new staff “stolen” by founders and offered a cap of 4x by other founders, I am not sure that the Chinese have much to learn from the unpleasant antics of founders in the USA and UK. I am forgetting the dishonest and those who pay themselves top money whilst driving the business into the ground. It is why experienced angels work in packs, get the legal people on side and then go for a strong board appointment with veto clauses. Sad but true. It is all part of the Equity Fingerprint, the business plan resource, fun ride. But then who wants to stay away from clusters and go on holidays?

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