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Facebook payment service

Facebook logoImage via WikipediaUsers of Facebook, the social networking site, will be able to transfer money directly to each other for the first time from Saturday. Moneybookers, a European online payments provider, is launching an application which will allow customers who have registered their bank details with the service to make charity donations, repay loans from friends or pay for services via Facebook, paying a maximum fee of 40p.


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Readers of the Financial Times will be familiar with the paradox that Germany, probably the biggest winner from globalisation among rich countries, is at the same time a deep well of paranoia about and veritable fount of vituperation against the sources of its riches.


An online business simulation game, SimVenture, won the National Award. This game is to teach students and also entrepreneurs. See, video

Facebook against StudiVz in Germany

In 2008 the world´s biggest social network Facebook will offend StudiVz in Germany. Facebook has only 600.000 users in Germany. Now they will enter the country with a new German language system to get more users.

StudiVz which was founded in 2005 is actually a copy of Facebook. They have now almost 5 million users in Germany. They are changing now their whole software to stay furthermore the biggest social network. It is going to be an exchange of blows of this two social networks in this year. Maybe we will need also a profile on StudiVz for Equity Fingerprint?

More information on Frankfurter Allgemeine.

A new possibility for Equity Fingerprint on the international market

There are  new negotiations between UK and Turkey to set up a new British University in Turkey. This could open a door for Equity Fingerprint. EF as a teaching module or as a game could maybe enter, through this university, easier in this country. 

More about the negotiations are on Todays Zaman

Investors belief into WEB 2.0

The consulting firm catcap asked 250 investors about WEB 2.0. 2/3 of them believes into a long- term period of WEB 2.0. This means that WEB 2.0 takes a big advantage over his competitors: Gaming 44%, Mobile-Internet 38%, Internet-TV 17%

Beneficial for start-ups; 80% of the investors says that they want to see the start-ups at business-plan challenges to contact and communicate with them. Throughout this they arrange 60% of business relations.

The opportunity for start-ups to get money from investors increased during last year and it will increase this year again.

Also Venture Lounge brings investors and start-ups and business companies together.

Business leaders call for more crisis leadership

Business leaders call for more crisis leadership from U.S. and other central banks to head off an economic downturn on Wednesday, with some accusing policy makers of losing their grip and their nerve……………….. (Today´s Zaman)


Ein rasant wachsendes Online-Netzwerk in Deutschland ist StudiVz. Das Netzwerk gibt es in mehreren Sprachen, wie z.B. Spanisch, Französich, Italienisch, Polnisch und Deutsch. StudiVz ähnelt dem weltgrössten Online-Netzwerk Facebook sehr.

Auch bei StudiVz können sich Studenten und Andere Personen treffen und kommunizieren und alte Freunde wieder finden. Das Netzwerk hat inzwischen über 4 Millionen Mitglieder aus der Schweiz, Österreich und Deutschland.

Das Online-Netzwerk gibt es auch für Schüler ( schülerVz). Sie haben inzwischen über 2 Millionen Mitglieder. Hier kommunizieren überwiegend nur Schüler untereinnander.

Who I am?

My name is Ibrahim Koeycue. I was born in Germany in 1980. Originally I am from Turkey but I grew up in Germany and went to school there. Now I am a 3rd year student at Angia Ruskin University. I am going to write my dissertation about equity fingerprint. Which I hopefuly will finish end of April.