No way to prepare for CEC9

Richmond club mascot, Tiger Image via Wikipedia I have been searching the CEC9 website for a list of the “Tiger” companies which will be on show but could not find any details.

TechCrunch had a list and so did Demo.  Scoble got into trouble for commenting on their websites.

Yammer won at TechCruch.

But then Scoble makes the point that some companies just concentrate on getting customers and miss out on the shows.  iLike (30millin users) and  PosiMotion (50,000 downloads a day to iPhones, most of which earn a fee) are tigers which just concentrate on customer engagement and keep their Equity Fingerprint’s and business plan, nice and simple.

So where will the Tigers at CEC9 go?  Hope that they not extinct by next year!

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