Can you pick an entrepreneur, blogger or footballer?

Robin Preston is the BBC’s business editor and his blog, Preston’s Picks, has a million readers.  Would you pick him to be a great broadcaster and writer?  Well, he comes from an intellectual hot-house (father Lord Preston, economic guru of Queen Mary College, London and mother works in the NHS) so you could take a good guess.  What about Pele?  His father was, take a guess, a centre forward and the family football crazy.  Early research at CMI shows the one of the best indicators of a successful entrepreneur is if the father was an entrepreneur.

I wonder about Jerome Kerviel of   Societe Generale who has just lost the bank £3.7bn?  More importantly perhaps, what will his children do?

I guess it is all about nurture and nature.  I remember a bank manager saying that you can tell if a person is an entrepreneur when you shake their hand.  I offered a wager if he could pick out the successful entrepreneurs in the room but he was not keen to take me on.

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