Angels power up Cambridge Temperature Concepts

Press release “Cambridge, UK – 23 Jan 2008 – Cambridge Temperature Concepts Limited (CTC) today announced securing £375,000 in private investment to aid product development of their novel ovulation detector – DuoFertility. The investment is syndicated between the Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Capital Group, and members of the Downing Enterprise board. Founded in 2005 by 4 post-graduate students at the University of Cambridge, CTC are now based in new premises at the Cambridge Science Park and plan to complete their development programme over the next 4 months, with trials beginning in Q2 2008. The first product release of DuoFertility is scheduled for Q3 2008.”

From his talk at CUE, we know that Dr Shamus Husheer, CEO, owned half of the original equity split but what happened after this round? As an investor, it will be interesting to see of they stay “in the family way” (ie stay with the current investors) or go to VCs to drive the growth.

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