Travis moves to Microsoft

MicrosoftImage via WikipediaIt is amazing how people like Adrian Travis (45) keep working away at their ideas and in the end come up trumps. It must be five years ago that I went to the Cambridge University Engineering Department to meet Travis who has a company called CamFDP. He was building large screens by projecting images into a thin glass wedge from the bottom. The wedge worked as a light guide and bounced up the light inside the wedge and you could see an image. It was very early days and now there are other ways of producing large screens. It was very difficult to build large glass wedges to the very exacting specifications to let the light out in the right places.

However the wedge allows you to see the image and also look straight through the glass or rather a camera on the other side sees you and reacts to you pointing on the glass wedge. The invention has been snapped up by Microsoft and Travis is spending a year working in the USA. Another lesson in why you never say no to an inventor or founder as his or her time may come. Well done to Travis and good luck with your business plan.

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