When will Google join Microsoft in Cambridge?

Avinash Kaushik is currently Analytics Evangelist for Google. He lists the ten reasons to work for Google and I pick out his number one tip: the food. It would go well with the college port in Cambridge! However AK does not have it all; he is a consultant and has no options or stock. He does not mention what it is like working with people whose options have vested. Megan Smith, vice-president, new business development, Google Inc was at the Silicon Valley Connects event in Cambridge. I wonder if she has options which have vested? It is must be amazing to be working in a company where many thousands of people have vested their options. I guess Cambridge has only reached a few hundred and the values so much lower. It must be so strange working next to someone at the same level in the business who is a multi-millionaire because he joined early. I guess he took the risk and got lucky! A few big vesters in Cambridge might swell the 800th Anniversary fund and some good parties. I suppose Google has accumulated more wealth in ten years than the University of Cambridge in 800 years!

I wrote on AK’s post and had this reply: Philip, thanks for the comment. I am sure someone from Google is reading it and penciling in Cambridge as a optimal location. :) I have been to the Google offices in London and they are really nice. -Avinash. Sounds a cool guy!

Hat tip: Geoff Jones

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