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Geneva generates funds to re-found college

Painting of the Hall of Christ ChurchImage via WikipediaThe founders of Geneva Technology, Ros and Steve Edwards, have donated £30million to re-found New College, Cambridge.  It is to be renamed after the Edwards’ and its founder, the late Same Rosemary Murray, with the grand title of Murray Edwards College.  Interestingly, Ros was not a founder of Geneva but joined later and caught the eye of one of the founders, Steve.  The other founder took an early bath and insisted on being bought out of this risky adventure called Geneva for what was in the end a modest sum.  However it gave the Edwards’ great stress as they had to fund the buyout.  The Edwards’ then enticed the late, great Stephen Thomas to join them to power Geneva to a great sell out.

One of the key people of the Cambridge Cluster, Herman Hauser, is donating some £7million to establish an enterprise centre.  News from the “other place, is that Michael Moritz, top VC with Sequoia Capital, has given £25million to Christ Church College.

All these donations come from individuals and perhaps Cambridge Enterprise and others will see the benefit of promoting enterprise in the cluster in an open way.  In the early days, no one would have thought that one let alone these three would have been so successful and so generous.

Geneva Technology makes a great Equity Fingerprint, the business plan resource.

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