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Where is the Fogg of the Cambridge Cluster?

Professor Fogg of Stanford University runs a course on Facebook applications. Is this real science and pushing back the boundaries of knowledge or a crucial part of encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley? Read on if you are less interested in knowledge and want a job. Such skills would help you up your wedge in the equity split of your next start-up.

Techcrunch attended the course and said Blake Commagere, ace facebook developer, “discussed how many corporations are banging on the doors of Facebook developers because these companies need engineers who can create an applications for them that build brand awareness. Apparently, these companies are so desperate for talent that they are willing to pay large sums of money and give developers complete ownership of the applications they produce. His overall point was that developers need not currently worry about going out and doing things on their own, because their talents are in short supply.

Hat tip: Geoff Jones from this article by overstated