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Options are an entrepreneurs best friends

HQ of AMD in Sunnyvale, CA, USA.Image via WikipediaSerial entrepreneur, Steve Ives, is up and running again with taptu.com which is a search engine for mobile phones.  His previous backers, 3i and Sofinnova, stumped up $10million dollars and he has already built a team of thirty people.

In Jenny Chapman’s article in the Cambridge Evening News, Steve Ives gives little away but does say that “everyone involved has share options, so everyone involved has a good chance of making a nice pile of cash”.  At least someone in the Cambrige Cluster has learnt from Silicon Valley.

But like Bill Gates, Steve Ives suffers from paranoia.  “it is a good state of mind to be insecure about your position in the market and to always be looking at ways to improve, and always looking at the adverse scenario”.

Taptu.com is in beta at present.

Steve Ives sold Trigenix to Qualcomm for $40million in 2004, after just four years, so if you want to join the option winnes, get in quick!

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