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Cronto makes a sale

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I first met Igor and Elena, the Cambridge, UK, based husband and wife team that runs Cronto (simple strong security), a couple of years ago when they first started working on their new encryption service.  It is a very simple idea and relies on people keeping their mobile phones handy.  Apparently they are rarely more that two metres from us!  When you access your bank account, a pattern appears on a screen, which you photograph with your mobile phone.   The Cronto software decodes the pattern and you key in the code; very simple and very secure.

It always amazed me that you could travel and access your bank account without informing the bank that you were away from home.  With Cronto,  you feel your bank account is safe.

Looking at the website, there is no sign of a VC and so I wonder what business plan resource they are using?  As they are based in the University of Cambridge’s William Gates Building, do Cambridge Enterprise have any involvement?

The website is very busy and Grant Dain, internet marketing Cambridge, might suggest that it is simplified with clearer calls to action.

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