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The business school of Gloucester Road, Bristol

BristolImage via WikipediaThe daughter and I were walking along Gloucester Road in Bristol when we met Robert Uphill.  Robert is an engaging young man and has just joined the ranks of the self-employed.  He has got his first contract and is/was in the process of registering a company and website under the name Robert Uphill.  But he had met the right people!  We suggested he had a dream of building a bigger business and needed to have a name and website such as Uphill Associates.

Then we started to dream and suggested he explored the business schools at Bath and Bristol and the resources available to help him produce a business plan with a dream of building a technology company similar to the ones in the Cambridge Cluster.  I also pointed out how much he must earn to have parity with the total package offered to the public sector – around three times salary.  That gave him something to think about.

As we were dreaming a nice young man asked us to move away from his jewellry shop as he was about to close the shutters.  We got talking and all he said was that the taxes in the UK were too high.  He wanted to jump in a lorry to get out of this country!  He quite put our friend off starting a business!

And then the Daughter and I crossed the road and entered a Hi-Fi shop were a very pleasant young man with an easy going manner gave us a demonstration of Bose products.  Just got to hope that they will have a good sale in 2009 and I can blast my iPhone.

So a quick walk along the Gloucester Road, Bristol, is recommended to entrepreneurs.

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