Remembrance Sunday

Time to think how lucky I am that my parents did so much for me. In Cambridge, there are many people with the same special parents but not everyone is so lucky.  There is a memorial at Sedbergh School to the three VCs.  My Father used to read the names on the war memorial seemingly searching for a name but, as so many like him, he never told us who or why.

The service War Memorial at the junction of Hills Road and Station road was very special although some were so keen to get too and fro from the station that they could not stop. Silence at Cambridge Rugby Club with all the youngster learning the special bonds of playing rugby and then to Clare College for the last service of the day for me; another wonderful service and an amazing sermon. As I left the College, the disco was warming up in the vaults under the chapel so life for the young never changes! All on a bike and no need for a car, bus or tube!

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