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It is time to get back to the 1% and start being a creator again. iPads are fine but they do make it too easy to be part of the 90%of people who consume. It is such fun to sit on the sofa and search for Quad 63 ESL speakers and pick up all the threads It is amazing how long you can flick through all the sites until your eyes begin to hurt. So it is back to trying to be part of the 1% creators. Maybe one of the 9% group of curators will take an interest in my posts and give me feedback to improve the 1%.

Chris Dixon for 90 mins

Another great interview.

So eloquent until asked one of those sill questions about some “dreamy thing”. He ends up stuttering that he was not briefed on the question and finally says that he wishes he could sit down one Saturday and just watch sport. He never stops.

Amazing guy and well worth the time!

Bill Gates on Steve Jobs: We grew up together

Getting rave reviews so will try and watch asap.

Keeps going to adverts and high on emotion…….


John Doerr with Sarah Lacy

John Doerr, one of the great Silicon Valley venture capitalists.
It is very long – nearly 2.5 hours.

At around 1hr 52mins, John Doerr has some great advice on joining new companies.

He joined Intel……

His says do NOT join a raw startup.

Join a company that can be important and is growing rapidly.  There are plenty of opportunities for everyone and you do not have to push anyone out of the way.  Pick a culture and people where you can grow the best.


Painted tyres


At Hong Kong airport and met this entrepreneur. Using technology from Japan, his company inkjet prints onto tyres. The artwork lasts for about three years.
I wonder if the inkjet print heads were designed in the Cambridge Cluster?

Established in 1860 and going strong


Mr Wright is standing next to a flagpole which he sponsors at the rugby grounds of Loughborough University. He is the fifth or sixth generation of his family to run M Wright & Sons Limited, started in 1860, and since 1870 based on the same site at the nearby village of Quorn.
The company makes technical webbing used in safety harnesses and the top of Wimbledon tennis nets for example. They are manufacturers and employ fifty people.
Amazing company and generous sponsors. No business plan resource is required.

Wet Winter at CRUFC


Training night before the last game of the year. We are on the edge of the Fens, 70miles from the sea and only 70 feet above sea level.

The Start-up of You


This book has got some great lessons but it is a confusing read. I am sure that Ben Casnocha has much to offer but we read the book because Reid Hoffman is one of the leading entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley and a prolific angel investor. We want to hear his voice clearly in the first person.

Reid needed a ghost writer stepping back and leaving the star to shine clearly and brightly.

I am not sure about all the emphasis I find in our American friends about who you know. Does it help you find the stars of the future? To me the key point is that if you don’t like selling, go get a job.

Being an entrepreneur is all about selling – selling to the close of the deal. It is not about ideas and fireside chats. In the corporate world it may be good to have lots of links but entrepreneurs starting out need a few strong links and little noise.

Duofertility goes “up North”


The NHS is using Duofertility in the hospital in Lancaster and CEO and Joint Founder, Shamus, looks delighted. Mixed feelings for me as it is the same hospital in which my Father breathed his last. The start of life and the end as it has always been.

Crashpadder bought by Airbnb


Airbnb, funded American style with $120million, takes out London based Crashpadd.

No figures given for the deal but Cambridge graduate Dan Hill “done well”. Would the roles have been reversed if he had raised VC funds?